M.E and Building Maintenance

We have been in this business core since 2014 and over the period of four years we have gained wide range of experience in the different fields of building maintenance (Plumbing-Electrical-HVAC- Duct Work, Cleaning) and facility management.

Our Services

Getsemani Benindo Indonesia provides the following services:

Building Maintenance

  • Complete Property Maintenance Management Services
  • Electro Mechanical Services (Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry)
  • All kinds of maintenance, renovation and refurbishment works


We Carry -out a wide-range of work in the repair and general maintenance for various types of electrical works including:

  • Electrical works for commercial & residential buildings
  • Cable laying & panel board works
  • Fire Alarm works
  • Industrial & Substation works
  • Pole erection works


It includes all the bellow types of works

  • All types of mechanical and steel structural works.
  • Monthly maintenance contract of Electro Mechanical systems.
  • Assembling of all types of machineries, air conditioning and chiller systems.
  • All mechanical engineering services.
  • Lying of MS pipe lines.
  • Supply and fixing of intelligent system


We can assist all plumbing works including install and repair pipes, fittings, and fixtures that carry water and gas according to plumbing codes and specifications. We work with piping systems; install sinks, tubs, roof leaks, drainage repairs, and other kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixture in home repair or renovation.

Air Conditioning Repairing & Servicing

We install, maintain and service Air Condition System, Let us take care of your needs. We guarantee our services to be professional and of exceptional quality. Your satisfaction is our reward.

If your system is not working or cooling as efficiently as it should be, then give us a call. We can arrange to have one of our experts Technician with you, to identify and repair the fault. Our highly qualified Technicians are experienced in fault diagnosis and the repair of all major brands of air conditioning equipment.

If you have any electrical, plumbing, or air conditioning emergency, know that when you can call our emergency call numbers mentioned bellow and we will respond to your emergency quickly. We have fully stocked service vehicles standing by to quickly respond to your complaints and needs.

Ducting Manufacturing, Repairing, and Cleaning

We design and construct for any classifications of kitchen and cold storage , include supply of equipment and architectural construction materials, accessories in relate to HVAC systems, installation at site, commissioning, testing standards, cleaning procedures and providing the validation documents. Our engineer will also determine the covered of airflow quantity, velocity, flow patterns and floor arrangement, air shower, airlock and basic pressurization, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and process systems.

The majority of restaurant fires originate from the kitchen cooking appliances and flare into the kitchen exhaust system. Regular maintenance of a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system is one of the primary defences again fire hazards. By keeping these system working at their best, they will evacuate the smoke and grease out of the building and produce a cleaner, cooler kitchen and better working environment for staff.
Benefits of Regular Exhaust Cleaning
  • Reduce risk of kitchen fires.
  • Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff.
  • Improved ventilation for smoke and odour removal.
  • Compliance with local and national fire and health codes.

Frequency of Cleaning
  • Kitchen exhaust system generally require monthly to annually cleaning depending on many factors.
  • The greatest factor effecting cleaning frequency is the volume of cooking and severity of the cooking operations. Configuration of the exhaust system may also dictate increased frequency.
  • The cleaning frequency of the exhaust system should be specified to keep the system free of fuel load sufficient to support fire and operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Regular cleaning of grease filters and proper operation of automatic wash system (where equipped) greatly reduce system loading and remain recommended

Kitchen Fire Suppresion

We also do have a Kitchen Fire Suppression System is specifically designed for the suppression of fire in commercial kitchen cooking appliances, plenums, hoods and ducts. Each system operates automatically or may be operated manually. The system uses a liquid chemical as its agent. The agent is a solution of potassium acetate involving:
  • The saponification of surface grease (turning it into combustion-resistant soap).
  • The cooling effect of water vaporization.
  • The inheriting effects of resultant steam formation.
  • The interruption of the chemical chain reaction of combustion.
With full support from these reputable manufacturers and our experienced engineering andtechnician team, we provide the following scope of works:
  • Design and engineering
    International and National standard design, customized solutions designed, certified design with computer software calculation
  • Supply
    We supply all fire depression equipment with international standard such as:
    • Cylinders
    • Cylinders Brackets
  • Installation, Testing commissioning, and Services
    Experienced technician team and high standard of installation work, warranty of on-time project schedule. To extend the services to our customer, PT. Getsemani Benindo Indonesia has achieved international certification ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 450001.

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