GETZCLEAN-101 is a special laundry product designed for emulsifying; promote the cleaning power of detergency and suspension, especially for removing the oil and grease dirt based from linen categorized heavy soil such as table cloths, uniform, etc. Excellence Provide excellent cleaning power against mineral oils and greasy soils from white and colored linens. Work effective […]


GETZCLEAN-107 is specifically designed to promote the softness of natural and synthetic fabrics that enhance  comfortable of smooth feeling.  It can reduce the static that facilitate ironing and folding process.  GETZCLEAN-107 also provides a fresh natural fragrance that will stay longer on fabric. Excellence Safe for all type of fabrics. Soften and maintain the fibers […]


GETZCLEAN-106 provides high neutralizing power against residue of excess of alkalinity from previous laundry process. It also assists in adjusting washed – linen to pH of human skin (neutral) to minimize skin irritation. With its acid based it can control yellowish staining that associated with the compound of instability water such as iron and other […]


GETZCLEAN-104 is a stain remover performs maximum active chlorine power against organic stubborn stain in white linen only such as: table clothes, cook jacket, bed sheet, and all other white linen and at controlled dosage will not damage fabrics. It provides bleaching power and disinfectant on white hospital linen. Excellence Maximum active chlorine power to […]


GETZCLEAN-103 is complete laundry detergent that designed for mechanical operation and formulated with active material to achieve high performance or optimal cleanliness for all cotton, polyester and  polycotton fabrics. Excellence Environmental friendly (non – phospate). Contained redeposition of removal soils and prevent the soil to re-clinking to the fabrics. Performs power to keep linen from […]

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